Biz-Quick: Temp agency opens

By A. Finn Moss | New business profiler

Typing tests are possibly not required (Corona Sub-Lime/Special to the Beacon)
Typing tests are possibly not required these days. (Corona Sub-Lime/Special to the Beacon)

(Business briefs from around the Bass Lake area.)

Forrest Bunkard, local writer and intellectual, has opened a temporary employment agency, Das Temporaneous.

Bunkard, sole owner and also a temp worker for the company, described his goal for the new business.

“This venture is like plus ‘Nine to Five,’ divided by ‘The Office’ — the British version, of course — times the square root of ‘Office Space,’” Bunkard said.

Applications are being accepted, both in-person and online, whenever the website goes live.

Das Temporaneous is housed in the former history/archive room at Bass Lake Public/Private Library.

“I want to prove that temporary employment does not have to be disinteresting,” Bunkard said. “Please help me prove it.”

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