Bicycle found; owner sought

From staff reflections

Shutterbug’s rendering of missing bi-wheeler. (Longhorn Bicycle Network)

Officers from Regional Highway Control announced they recently recovered a found bicycle that had been left in a field not far from Out-on-the-Highway Road, just west and south of Sugarland Path, in back of houses bordering Mel’s Garage & Salvage.

The bicycle is described as a boys’ style, BMX 20-inch, fluorescent-green body, with rubber-based tires, in “fair-to-middling” condition.

The bicyclular unit features a Michiana replica license plate number ISX-4545. The back wheel has a spoke missing. Witnesses say it belongs to someone named Jed.

Authorities are seeking the owner of the bicycle. To reclaim it, call (111) 555-BIKE, and provide a detailed, accurate description of the bike. Identity of callers will not be revealed.

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