Speculation swirls regarding police chief resignation

By A. Finn Moss | Delayed Follow-up Team

The baton is about to be passed — but not yet. (Courtesy baton)

The recent resignation of Bass Lake’s acting police chief Chiou Yueh continues to lead to speculation about the reasons for the resignation and the cause of speculation.

Yueh, Goat Year age, has remained silent, because “he has the right to,” according to his agent.

The agent, however, has released a statement. Its contents remain a mystery, since it is not written in English, according to interpreter Sidney Canberra.

“I thought I was brought on-board to convert English to Chinese, not the other way ‘round, mate,” Canberra said. “G’.”

Theories for the resignation abound. Forbert Slant, a legal expert and bookstore manager at Bass Lake University, believes Yueh clashed with Mayor Guy Soundguy (indirectly) and may have entered a power struggle with ex-chief Tug McNabb.

“Those are just guesses,” Slant said. “We’ll find out soon enough.”

Some sources say the town council didn’t like Yueh. Another idea heard around town: Residents thought Yueh was simply too tall for the position.

Meanwhile, the Beacon has launched an in-depth probe, but I wasn’t supposed to reveal that yet.

A meeting has not been held regarding Chiou Yueh's successor (Brochure snapshot)
A meeting has not been held regarding Chiou Yueh’s successor (Brochure snapshot)

Meanwhile-meanwhile, the search is on for the next chief. Bass Lake Town Council has not revealed a list of candidates.

Regardless of motivations for Yueh’s departure, several prominent Bass Lake residents are happy to wash their hands of Yueh, in a pond.

“I never felt comfortable looking at his picture, even,” said Shauna (Last Name Withheld), fourth-grader at Bass Lake Elementary next fall. “But what do I know? I’m just a young local student.”

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