New antenna promises ‘Must See TV’

By Flora Goodtime | Beacon entertainment reporter

DCF 1.0
Ray Dioczak’s antenna tower is set to change local television watching schedules. (Flora Goodtime)

In a development that is sure to set Bass Lake on its rabbit ears, a local resident is installing an  aerial that will provide town-wide television reception.

No more clearing tree branches for a signal. No more wrapping the set-top antenna with tin foil. No more missing your favorite shows because of high winds and phony fallout shelter alarms.

And we have Ray Dioczak to thank.

Dioczak, 17, who in his youth liked to tinker with radios and plastic explosives, decided the install the 145 ft. TV tower next to his house to encourage his neighbors to get their own televisions.

“I plain got tired of folks lookin’ in my windows all day and all night,” Dioczak said. “With this here receptor I can get the signal and rebroadcast it around town.”

Now area residents can spend their nights staring at “Must See TV” instead of reading books or talking to their loved ones.

“It’s going to revolutionize family life in Bass Lake,” Dioczak said. “I’ve heard a lot about some of them shows like “Seinfelt” and “Gilligant’s Island.”

Now all we need is for someone to open a television store. I’ll keep You posted.

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