Plumber’s van to double as ice-cream truck

By Dirk Sunday | Internship pre-novice

Locally owned plumbers will offer cold treats in summer 2015. (Frodo Rooter/Beacon intern)
Local plumbers propose cold treats in summer ’15. (Frodo Rooter/Photoshop Express)

Bass Lake residents can have their ballcock and eat it, too, this summer.

Locally-family-owned plumbing company 12 Plummers Plumbing  will add a new service in 2015 by providing occasional curbside ice cream treats in select neighborhoods.

Availability will depend on service-call schedules and dairy supplies.

“It’s a way for us to give back to the youth of our community,” said co-owners Dick, Rick, Jack, Zak, Steve, Jake, Carol, Cody, Susan, Peter, Paul and Mary Plummer. “Besides, we need to make more money. You can’t survive just fixing sinks. Multitasking is a must. Did we mention it’s to benefit our town’s youth?”

They said.

In place of traditional ice cream truck music, children should listen for a looped recording of a recent argument at a meeting of Plumbers Union Regional 4500.

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