BLU football: Spring drills delayed

By Brock Stafford | Beacon sports editor and sometime blogger

The Beaver got a late start on spring practice, but are catching up. (Tortoise-and-Hare)
BLU got a late start on spring practice, but is gradually catching up. (Tortoise Meets Hare)

Bass Lake University Beaver football players have begun spring drills, more than a month later than expected.

The reason for the delay is entirely rational and due to educational reasons, said Jean-Paul Kierkegaard, head coach and senior professor of philosophy at BLU.

“To instill in our team how a conference championship is always within reach, yet seemingly unattainable, we’ve been studying Zeno’s Paradox,” Kierkegaard said. “It took the boys a while to grasp the concept.”

According to rules established by the American College Athletic Association, the spring football practice period ended May 3, but the Beaver were allowed to extend the deadline due to a grandfather paradox clause.

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