Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 5/12 – 5/16 2014


Kitchen staff/editor’s note: Due to a sleeping error the actual BLE menu for this week is unavailable. Instead, please enjoy last year’s menu from roughly the same time period. We regret the error and apologize for any inconvenience we or our agents or their agents may have caused. 

Crab-like yummies
Tuna soup
Twice-chewed carrots
Tremble cakes
Lactose-infused soy milk

Cumberbun patty w/bun
Edamame husks
Garlic muffins
Strawberry spungies
Drink of choice: A) Milk.

Cream-of-meat pops
Grass clippings
Banana slice
Freezer blenders
Diet Pepsi juice

Floor board surprise
Window scrapings
Drive-thru madness bowl
Viral orange slices
Marinade box

Fish dippers w/dipper sauce
Found avocado grabbers
Strawberry tops
Jerry Rice pudding

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