Emergency siren tests begin this weekend

By Clara Glendale | Siren Beat

Sirens will blare once per month, as a safety precaution. (Blare Warner)
Sirens will blare once per month, as a safety precaution. (Blare Warner)

Emergency sirens will be tested once a month in Bass Lake, beginning this Saturday and continuing through late summer or early fall.

Tests begin at 8 a.m. sharp and are finished in two minutes flat, officials said.

If residents happen to hear the alarm, do not be alarmed — it is not a real alarm, according to a tweet from the office of mayor Guy Soundguy.

In the event of a true emergency that may happen at the time of a test, the siren will be followed by three short blasts, three long blasts and three additional short blasts, said Chiou Yueh, chief of Bass Lake Authority Police and acting director of local public safety, a position that has yet to be created.

“We are committed to testing the audible alarm blasts,” Yueh said. “These tests are a mandatory must, and it must be so.”

Siren tests in 2014 were deemed successful, according to an annual report by Bass Lake Town Council. No injuries were reported in the incidents.

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