Tomorrow today: Egg-gathering/ham walk opens Easter activities

By Clara Glendale | spring holiday reports

Eaater egg
Jacqueline Shee, 10, of Bass Lake shows off the eggs she stole from her little brother’s basket at last year’s Egg-stravaganza and Ham Walk. (Clara Glendale)

The annual egg-finding contest and “ham walk” is set for March 28 at Bass Lake’s still-unnamed uptown park.

Festivities are presented by Bass Lake Sidewalk Merchants, although the group has no direct involvement. Former Bass Lake University football coach Flip Alabama will serve as master of ceremonies, because he “needs to get out of the house.”

The egg hunt is intended for ages 12 and under, and may be watched by their immediate/extended families. Participants and spectators are not allowed to bring live rabbits into the park. Eggs are provided, but must be returned at the conclusion of the contest.

Jennifer Sparkle, a member of the event planning committee, expects a large turnout, “as long as a lot of people show up.”

Prizes are awarded in several age categories:

  • Young 3’s and under
  • 4 to 5
  • 6
  • 7-up

Winner in each category receives a ham. Champion of the ham-walk gets a free egg, cooked their way, at the 2016 event.


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