Spring thaw ignores name-calling, BLU scientist says

By A. Finn Moss | Beacon weather watcher

Melting snow signals warmer temperatures, says a local climate scientist. (A. Finn Moss)

While the climate change debate rages in legislatures across the country, at least one local scientist claims warming temperatures could mean the end of winter.

Bass Lake University climatologist Alberta Clipper, PhD., recently published a report stating that “recent thermometer readings point to one conclusion: it’s getting warmer.”

Clipper cited as evidence melting snow and puddles of water forming where the melting snow once stood in piles.

“When you consider the data, all signs point to climate change,” she said. “Call it what you will, there is no mistaking it.”

Clipper was referring to numerous state governments seeking to ban the phrases “climate change” and “global warming” from all official publications.

“A puddle by any other name is still as wet,” Clipper quipped.

Local reaction to the report has been temperate.

Bass Lake mayor Guy Soundguy, speaking through an interpreter on the condition of anonymity, could not be reached for comment.

Town Council vice-president Carolyn Shee said she wanted to wait to comment until thermometer readings from Nearbytown were made available.

“I am not a scientist,” Shee said. “Maybe the snow just decided to melt because it felt it was ready.”

Shee is not alone.

Dr. Clipper, however, stands by her research.

“Let’s get real,” Clipper said. “When spring officially arrives in a week or so, winter will be over. A simple glance at any free insurance office calendar will tell you that.”

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