Tomorrow Today: Irish tunes and more

Possibly the featured band, although it's difficult to tell. (Soft-Focus Initiative)
Possibly the featured band, although it’s difficult to tell. (Soft-Focus Initiative)

From entertainment staff reporter reports

A special St. Patrick’s Day music showcase is planned for Saturday, even though St. Patrick’s Day is not officially observed until March 17.

Featured act is The Lucky Charms Experience, which hails from Nearbytown. The group is known for its Irish-American/American-Irish tunes, both originals and classics, but has expanded its repertoire over the years to include bluegrass, blues, jazz, rock, folk, pop, Southern (Ireland) gospel, Dublin-dub, countrified choral and nu-metal, as well as a variety of jigs.

Other performers are TBA, and may be announced before the event gets underway, organizers said.

The show begins at 5 p.m., and lasts until its conclusion.


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