Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/16 – 2/20 2015

Len’s Food Delivery and Livery can meet all your hauling needs. (Border patrol)

Heartbreak casserole
Fifty shades of broccoli
Desperation fruit salad
Mommy’s lonely chocolates
Punch a president punch

Weekend doggie bag entree
Should of stayed home fries
Fruit cup
Hot crossed ice cream
Faded rose water

Snow plow meat
Baked potato
Carrot sliver
Chocolate water

Freeze-dried Florida
Cuban stuff
Endless brown things
Frozen winter drops
Produce runoff

Bluegill Kiev w/bun
Early grass
Just remembered strawberry puree
Prune pops

This week’s menu sponsored by Len’s Food Delivery and Livery. Moving food and humans for quite a while.


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