From the tech desk: You can call me Blu-Ray

 By Englebert Hyperlink | Beacon Tech Wizard

Tech guy is not remotely interested.
Tech guy is not remotely interested.

Q: I have a Blu-Ray player. For the past couple of years, I’ve been able to enjoy Netflix, and other things, using this device. It was great! Recently, my system won’t connect to my WiFi, and it seems to have lost connection to all my movie queues. I’ve tried system configuration, system setup, auto-setup — nothing works. Help! — Dudley, rural Bass Lake

A: Hello, Dudley. What’s your last name? Let me guess: Do-wrong?

Now, to your question — here’s my question: Netflix? Shouldn’t you have sent that novelty-service back to the post office with your mailman?

Back to your question. I know what it’s like to struggle with such a problem. Really, I do. I remember the time our Pong unit stopped working. I fondly recall my uncle telling me about it, just before he died 30 years ago.

Try this: Unplug everything. Yes, even the Television Set. Do not touch your “router,” or whatever archaic name laypeople are calling it these days. Next, disconnect A/V cables and reconnect them, just as you did when you purchased the pre-2010 technology.

If you still have no success, reprogram the remote. Need help? I figured as much.

Whenever he feels like it, Beacon technology guru Englebert Hyperlink answers challenging tech questions from Beacon readers.

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