Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 1/12 – 1/16 2015

Cuties, part of a nutritious Bass Lake Elementary School lunch! (Kitchen staff)

Seasoned round burgers w/stick
Fried capillaries
Dried raisins
Butter cookie flakes

Globe snackers
Desiccated spinach
Fruit cup w/fruit
Reconstituted Fudgesicle
Maraschino cherry drizzle

Ruminant bearings bathed in a brown Scandanavian sauce w/pine lances
Holiday yam
Pruned Cuties
Candy cane fragment
Meatball sweat

Spaghetti and meatballs
Twice-baked Brussels sprouts
Citrus box grabbers
Lunch table gum
Sheet milk

Window birds
Tubers and balls
Fruit basket bingo
Spotted dick
Snowplow melt

When will we run out of meatballs? Submit your guess here.


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