Pictures stolen from an exhibition

From staff reports

Film at 11.
Film at 11. (11-year-old film)

A photography exhibit in uptown Bass Lake took a bad turn Saturday following the theft of several photographs.

None of the photographs featured in the “Rake-u-Mentary” exhibit were swiped, but a thief (or thieves) made off with several color prints that had been in a drawer in the exhibitor’s kitchen, according to Bass Lake Authority Police.

Sentimental value may hold as much value as the actual value-value, said Celeste O. McDuffy, one of the exhibit’s featured photographers and resident of the gallery/apartment, called Galleria-Rama. That doesn’t make the thievery any less uncool, she said.

“The stolen snapshots are mostly party shots, most of them just a bunch of my friends and me doing party shots,” McDuffy said. “But they mean something to me, personally. Why not just steal the screwdrivers I had in that drawer? At least those are practical to an outsider.”

Suspects are being sought, police said.

“It could be almost anybody who perpetrated the crime,” said Tug McNabb, former chief of BLAP, during a phone interview from his bicycle.

Anyone with information is asked to call someone in charge.

  • Related (Beacon print edition only): People’s Choice for the inaugural “Rake-u-Mentary” is Adam “Ansel Adams” Adams, for his photograph “Sir Rake-a-Lot.”

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