Local Cover Band to record Christmas album

By Jenna “Ration-X” Cornsup | Entertainment contributor
Preliminary cover design of Local Cover Band's holiday release (Bass Lake Elementary graphic design class).
Preliminary design for Local Cover Band’s anticipated holiday release (Bass Lake Elementary graphic design class).

Local Cover Band, Bass Lake’s most enduring local cover band, is entering the studio to “lay down tracks” for a Christmas-oriented CD.

The album, which has a working title titled “Local Cover Band: We’re Just About to Rock Your Christmas Off!” is based on a concept by the group’s drummer, 13, who joined the band 45 days ago, and goes by the stage name “Lil’ Zildjian.”

Unlike common holiday LP-length fare, the disc will not follow a strict yuletide theme, said Local Cover Band lead singer Skippy Jenson.

 “We know we’re gonna record ‘Smoke on the Water’ for sure. That always gets it going at our live shows,” Jenson said, speaking through a microphone during a recent rehearsal. “We’ll do a few Christmas tunes on there, too. Hit it!”

 One holiday song considered for the CD, according to people who know: “Happy Xmas (War is Over).”

 “If you want it,” Jenson said.

 Another selection that may be included is “Space Truckin'” by Deep Purple.

“That always gets it going at our live shows,” Jenson repeated.

Guy Soundguy, the band’s audio-board wizard, was initially tagged to produce the album, but he was unavailable due to his whereabouts being uncertain. He was last seen in the vicinity of the town helicopter, according to witnesses. In addition, Soundguy is a candidate in this year’s mayoral election race, a factor that “may be a factor,” according to a local musician, who wished to remain uncommitted.

In lieu of Soundguy, former Bass Lake University head football coach Flip Alabama has been assigned to the album-production assignment. Alabama resigned abruptly last winter.

“I needed a job, bad,” Alabama said.

The recording process is expected to take about six weeks, Jenson said. The album should be available for general purchase by mid-January.

 “It’ll make an excellent stocking-stuffer,” Jenson said. “That’s because we rock your socks off.”

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