Forrest Bunkard pulls out of regional race; will run for mayor instead

By Jackson Frolic | Senior Editor

Sometime writer and self-described pop-culture intellectual Forrest Bunkard has announced he will not run as a write-in candidate for Michiana regional representative, as he had announced in April.

Instead, Bunkard said this week he will run as a write-in for mayor of Bass Lake, a position currently held by Delores Denominator.

The announcement closely follows a campaign fundraiser Bunkard held at his home. The turnout was unsatisfactory, Bunkard said.

Official attendance included Bunkard and Beacon fundraiser-specialist Clara Glendale.

Bunkard (Semi-Libertarian—Uptown) said his commitment to public office remains the same, but requires dialing-back expectations.

“The best way to explain it,” Bunkard said, “is Pete Best playing guest-tambourine on a Badfinger B-side.”

Denominator faces at least one other challenger in addition to Bunkard. Watch the Beacon for details.


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