Bass Lake schools approve outsourcing of crossing guard positions

By Clara Glendale | public school downsizing beat

Cease all Motion
Budget considerations have forced outsourcing of crossing-guard services in Bass Lake.

Bass Lake School Board of Education decided this week to outsource its crossing guard services.

The board approved a contract with Foot-Traffic Solutions of Kansas City, Mo.

Officials estimate that the district will save upwards of $45 annually from the move.

“Student safety is our No. 1 concern,” said board president Simon Greenless. “But budgets are the bottom line.”

As a net result, Bass Lake’s two part-time guards will be forced to hang up their signs, effective immediately.

Elliott “Stop and Go” Johnson is among workers who faces, or will face, layoff.

Johnson, 54, refused comment, although his longtime daughter plans to express outrage in a letter to the board.

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