‘Resident of the Year’ named!

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guy soundguy mixing board
Sample sound board (Courtesy Sounding Board Studios)

Town and Community Appreciation Committee of Bass Lake has announced its decision for 2014 Resident of the Year.

That decision is this: Guy Soundguy is Resident of the Year.

Soundguy is knob-turner for Local Cover Band, Bass Lake’s most enduring cover band.

The (appreciation) committee said the decision was a “difficult decision,” but “at the end of the day,” it was the final one.

“We admire Mr. Soundguy’s contributions to the Bass Lake Community,” said committee leader Gloria Flach (pronounced “Jamerson”). She refused to elaborate.

As part of protocol-tradition, Resident of the Year gets to receive the following things:

  • A featured position in the parade lineup for Bass Lake Pre-Mid-Summer Festival Week Days.
  • $45 gift card from this year’s sponsor, Jolly’s Morgue and Donuts.
  • A Resident of the Year coffee mug, suitable for framing.

Soundguy was not available for comment. His immediate whereabouts are unknown.

Local Cover Band lead singer Skippy Jenson chimed in about the award, in Soundguy’s absence.

“All things considered, he’s probably due for this award,” Jenson said. “Sing it!”

Greg “Funky” Gregory, owner of Funky’s on the Bayou, a frequent local venue for Local Cover Band performances, seemed “fine” with the selection during a face-to-face encounter with the Beacon.

“Whatever that guy’s name is, he never gives me any trouble,” Gregory said. “Now get out of my office. I’m doing the books.”

Other candidates for this year’s award: Olden A. Goodway, Larry Karen, Stun-Gun, Vin Diagram, Betsy “Commander” Nelson and Cooper Sanderstroms. Read about their accomplishments HERE

Sanderstroms has been nominated seven times without a win, making him the Susan Lucci of Bass Lake, an award for which he also was previously nominated, but lost. Vin Diagram was ROTY recipient in 2012.

2013 Resident of the Year was Morgan Littleton, pre-principal, Bass Lake High School (now lives in San Diego)

INFOBOX (replace with appropriately “catchy” header before this goes to press — copy editor)
Who: Guy Soundguy
What: Audio wizard for Local Cover Band, Bass Lake’s most enduring local cover band.
Why: Notable achievement in 2013-14: Survived two-month disappearance crisis relatively unscathed.





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