Update: Street work extended

By Max Fontaine | Hard-luck construction reporter

Beacon investigative team unearths “new dirt” on recent street construction. (James Bakko/Beacon)

Bass Lake’s infrastructure maintenance crew has hit a “snag” in a minor project that began in May at the corner of 1st Street and Second Avenue.

The routine fix-up, scheduled to take “not very long,” has taken longer than expected, and has required digging up more of the street.

“It was a small job when the crew started,” said Brie Gizzings, office assistant for mayor-by-default Delores Denominator. “It ran into some difficulty. They may have punctured a water pipe.”

Even so, Gizzings said the project should come to a conclusion prior to Bass Lake Pre-Mid-Summer Festival Days.

“Please,” Gizzings begged, “be patient.”

No detours are planned.

“People can continue to drive around it,” said Nels “Commander” Nelson, part-time crew supervisor.

“Please Be Patient” signs have been posted.

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