Failed local novelist working on new book

From Stuff the Beacon got on its Fax Machine

Failed Bass Lake novelist M.I. Angola announced today that he is beginning work on a new novel about life at Bass Lake.

The novel, to be called “Shovels of My Grandfather,” follows the zany shenanigans of a 12-year-old boy who lives alone with his grandfather, an ailing, booze-soaked curmudgeon whose claim to fame was single-handedly digging out the whole town following the worst blizzard ever recorded.

The boy, to be named later, ¬†inadvertently sets out to duplicate his grandfather’s feat while looking for a mitten he lost while sledding.

“It’s a coming of age story told through the eyes of a hermit who lives in a shack in the woods,” said Angola. “It’s sort of a prequel to my previous book.”

Angola, whose most recent work, “The Prophecy of the Overalls,” set a record for least sales at the Bass Lake Elementary School Book Fair, hopes to have his newest effort on the remainder racks by Christmas.

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