Death notice: Cornwall ‘Spud’ Buckminster

Cornwall “Spud” Buckminster went for a swim with the fishes and never came back on Sunday Jan. 26, 2014. He was 56 or 57.

Spud was born on July 31 or August 1 in 1957 or 1958 in Bass Lake or someplace else, where he lived most of his life except when he didn’t live here or there, which was for a few years back in the 1980s. An avid ice fisherman, Spud spent most days on the ice, fishing. Unless there was no ice. Spud also liked to water fish during those days when there was no ice.

Spud lived for several years in Moscow, when it was the capitol of the U.S.S.R.; Geneva, Switzerland; and briefly in a tent in the middle of the Sahara desert. He ice fished in all those places, except that last one.

While in the Soviet Union, Spud ice fished with General Secretary Yuri Andropov. Spud later published a pamphlet about his experiences called “Places I’ve Ice Fished.”

Spud died just days before he was scheduled to appear at Twin Nut Farms, where he was expected to give a BED Talk on ice fishing and shuttle diplomacy.

Spud was preceded in death by his parents, whom he never met, and by several people he did meet. He is survived by 3 or 4 wives, 6 or 7 children, and his ice bucket, Hilda.

A burial at lake is scheduled for sometime in the spring. Until then visitation will be by appointment only at Bass Lake Inn-Convenience Store, where Spud will lie in state in the walk-in freezer.

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