Area grocers mum as milk, bread and toilet paper prices skyrocket

Pasted together from Beacon Dial-in Contributors

Milk, bread and toilet paper costs have skyrocketed in recent weeks and no one seems to have an explanation. Area grocers, who typically sell the largest quantities of milk, bread and toilet paper, have remained mum.

Prices for such staples typically rise in the winter when supply lines often are cut by bad roads and sluggish cows balk at the milking room.

Area suppliers don’t see a problem. “We’ve got loads of the stuff,” said Jim Branchmont, general manager of the Just West of Town Milk, Bread and Toilet Paper Area Suppliers and Manufacturing Group, LLC. “You should ask local grocers. They’re usually mum, though.”

Ben Mum, head of a local grocer’s group, had nothing to say.

“Nothing,” Mum said.

Bass Lake grocery expert George Thrifty says all the blame falls on shoppers. “Seized by panic at the merest mention of snow, shoppers buy everything in sight.,” Thrifty said. “They couldn’t care less what it is they toss into their carts. If there’s a flake in the forecast, they lose all sense and all restraint.”

With Beaver Day just past and spring six more weeks away, it could be a month-and-a-half before winter leaves and spring returns to the shopping aisles of your local grocer’s freezer.

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