Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 03/07/2022-03/11/2022

Call Mindy and Cindy at Glimmer of Hope Vehicle and Addiction Recovery to get hooked up for our pre-St. Patrick’s Day twofer.

Alexander Graham Bell taco
Green bean casserole
Apple slice
Water under the bridge

Lockerroom wedge
A nice pear

Chum puppies
Brussels sprouts
Scent of a pineapple
Free-range fudge
Powder w/fluid of choice

Hot dog any style
New mown hay
Glaston berry
Fistula pie
Disposal drip

Fish of the day
Broccoli wings
Postmodern banana
Bite me balls
Wall stain extract

This week’s menu is sponsored by Glimmer of Hope Vehicle and Addiction Recovery.
Pulling Michiana out of the ditch since mid-2007.
Signup now for our St. Patrick’s Day special!

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