Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/21/2022-2/25/2022

Genuine lifesize miniature of James Garfield. Available in placement or coffee mug styles. Only at Honest Abe’s President Memorabilia and Placements. (Photo credit: Honest Abe Rainbolt)

Fried Chicken
Cottage cheese w/ketchup
Fruit cup
Jelly beans

Tofu flavored beef disc
Shovel ready
Boiled banana
Ferry wreck floaties
Dish rack runoff

Flash chicken
Cabbage dippers
Strawberry wet wipes
Historic pie
Top of the mustard

Chickpea stew
Seedless blackberry seeds
Dumb water

Circle fish
Corn row
Visions of watermelon
Bunion tart
Tears from fears

This week’s menu is sponsored by Honest Abe’s President Memorabilia and Custom Placemats. “Eat off George Washington’s face using a genuine replica of his teeth!” (No returns or refunds with or without a receipt. All sale subject to Executive Privilege.)

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