Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 1/3/-1/7/2022

Two Men and a Cow Dairy introduce Daisy the Dairy Cow. Schedule a visit with Daisy soon.

Post-holiday surprise casserole
Liquid spinach
Stocking fruit
Welcome back cobbler
Fizzy milk

Tube meat w/bun
Refried corn
Pinapple express
Spray-cheese cake
Halloween cider

Meat-based plant burger
French fries
Spanish fruit fly
Iced cream (any flavor)
Water droplets

Banana slice in heavy syrup
Candy cane
Sports drink

Minnow salad w/roll
Creamed peas
Fruit cup
Brown wedge
Strawberry dairy product

This week’s menu is sponsored by Two Men and a Cow Dairy. Udderly fantastic cow-based products located in the dreamy valley near the road ditch.

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