Mayor plans to profit from his N-I-L


By Max Fontaine | I’m Still Here

Following in the footsteps of collegiate athletes, Bass Lake Mayor Forrest Bunkard announced this week his intention to cash in on his name-image-likeness.

“For far too long, elected officials have been denied the chance to benefit from their fame,” Bunkard said in a telephone statement. “To paraphrase a movie most people haven’t watched since the beginning of Clinton’s second term: ‘Show me the money!’” 

Members of Bass Lake Town Council probably are unavailable for comment. 

Although the plan appears to be a bold move, Bunkard’s goal to make income on the side comes with precedent. In 2018, he made an attempt to capitalize on his stature with the release of his first book,  “Why I’m Mayor (And How).” However, financial reward failed to materialize, according to his former publisher.

“The book has been available for purchase,” said a spokesperson for the publisher. “Thing is, nobody has bothered to buy it.” 

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