Tree-lighting to proceed despite being canceled

File photo.

By E.L. Kringle|This is my first assignment

First, it was on. Then it was off, which was quickly followed by on again-off again.

The chance that the annual Bass Lake Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, the town’s most attended mid-December event, will happen remains uncertain. The celebration has become the Schrödinger’s Cat of holiday traditions.

Organizers say the reason for the confusion is, well, you know.

Despite the uncertainty of a throng of Bass Lakeans gathering around the town rhombus, one thing is sure: the tree will be erected.

As is tradition, the Eastern White Pine from Old Man Smunson’s place on Out-On-The-Highway Road will be dragged to the mounting place by a team of randomly selected draft horses from the Jane and Morris Random House of Draft Horse Farms.

Pat JosephMary, adult troop leader of Gender-Neutral Scouts of Michiana, which has adorned the town tree for decades, said decorating the 45-foot tall specimen will follow strict social distancing guidelines as set by Bass Lake Health, Safety, and Dismemberment Prevention officials.

“Each scout will be given an ornament or bauble to place on the tree one scout at a time,” JosephMary said. “We estimate it will take several days to complete the process.”

Residents who choose to attend will also be required to do so one at a time. A lottery will determine the order of gawking.

Jolly’s Morgue and Donuts will again provide refreshments.

Tree-hauling commences around noon on Friday and will continue for well, you know.

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