Town Council meeting agenda propounded

Example of meeting protocol. [Meeting Photos]

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For Nov. 17, 2020

(Accessible both online and in-person, sometimes both.)

I. Call to order

II. Approval of minutes from October meeting

III. Troubleshooting for council members who are unable to link successfully to Zoom meeting — again

IV. Swearing-in of newly elected council members
A. Vote re-count
B. Denial of vote re-count
C. Fraud-check
D. Debunking of fraud-check
E. Concession speech (Pending)
F. Swear-in part

V. >> You may skip this ad in V seconds

VI. Committee report: Department of Public Works Department
A. Snow-removal plan for winter 2020-21
B. Plan for removal of outdated snow-removal equipment

VII. Public comment/ongoing complaints

VIII. Break!

IX. Outgoing prayer

X. Adjournment

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