Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 11/9-11/13 2020

Acrimony casserole
Red mist lettuce
Grape (sour)
Frozen rancour
Liquid animus

Burger (ham or turkey) w/bun
Fall cleanup
Banana wedge
Fudge of allegiance
Grope juice

You can count on the Michiana League of Fraudulent Voters to obfuscate the outcome of enfranchisement in your election. Call us next time your elected officials face the music. (Affiliated with the Let’s Party.)

Proud but sloppy G.I. Joe
Freedom fries w/curry sauce
Post-ripe peach
Alternate dessert

Raiders of the lost hot dog
Pea blend
Floss bits

Mystery of the deep
Orange pulp
Tootsie Pop
Sparkling milk

This week’s menu is sponsored by the Michiana League of Fraudulent Voters. “Vote early, vote often” has been our motto since our founding in The Age of Uncertainty, circa 2016. (“Casting votes of doubt” is our real motto.)

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