Football season to continue, sans players

By Brock Stafford | Sports-coverage arrangement specialist

A game-time decision has been made.

Moonshine Conference board of directors has ruled the 2020 prep football season will continue, but without players.

The decision comes after a recent set of minor outbreaks of positive virus test cases among various athletes across a broad spectrum of league schools.

Remaining games on each team’s schedule will continue to be open to coaches, families, fans, marching band members, cheer squads and concession-stand workers,  as long they adhere to safety measures such as masks, social-distancing and general common sense, officials said.

Bass Lake head coach Zeb Dreppelin lauded the decision, with regret, yet remains hopeful.

“We were just starting to get on a roll,” he said. “We’ll endure. We have to pull together as a team — minus most of our team.”

The Canoes are on a 1-game winning streak after defeating Prairie Depths, 12-8, late Friday.

A roster-free approach could be to Bass Lake’s advantage, Dreppelin added.

“Most of the conference schools have a lot more talent than we do,” he said.



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