Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 3/9-313 2020

Let Bass Lake COVID-19 Response Team put a smile back on your infected face. Stop by our information booth at Trout Lane Merchants’ Pre-Spring Sidewalk Sale. Sign up for free stuff and trips!

My big fat Greek gyro
Boiled lettuce
Fruit cup
Pepperoni ice cream

Hard-boiled hot dog
Shelled corn
Beach fruit
De-bubbled soda

Self-isolated taco
Spanish flu rice
Banana mask
Lockdown fudge
Not your neighbor’s sneeze

Cream of armpit soup
Chunky chips
Sanders, Berry
Artisanal candy
Shrimp water

Baloney-on-ham sandwich
Vegan carrot
Gluten-free apple
Sugar packet
Tobacco juice

This week’s menu is sponsored by Bass Lake COVID-19 Response Team. Feeling ill? Don’t call us till you feel better. For more information stop by our information booth at Trout Lane Merchant’s Pre-Spring Sidewalk Sale. Free treats for the kids! Sign up for our casino bus trip. Seniors ride free!

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