Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 3/2-3/6 2020

Sticky Ballwood
Roger “Sticky” Ballwood prepares for another episode of Wild Magnet Fishing on Bass Lake Cable Access. (Photo by Ginny “Mrs. Sticky” Ballwood.)

Spaghetti tacos
Fruit substitute
Wicked good ice cream
Fishing boat liquid

Dented can grabbers
Mushy corn
Amoeba pop
Drip milk

Farm store chicks
Sweet potato fries
Apple mash
Found gum
Denatured water

Bar food
Salad dressing
Lemon zest
Soy-based candy
Dryer condensate

Fish n’ crackers
Homeopathic broccoli
Ad hoc fiber
Sleepy shakes
Fatback pouch

This week’s menu is sponsored by the host of the Bass Lake Cable Access hit show Wild Magnet Fishing,  Roger “Sticky” Ballwood. Join Sticky on his next adventure, Treasures of Nearbytown Cisterns.


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