Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 12/2-12/6 2019

At the Leftover Store, our fridge is always full. Stop in today for extreme specials on Halloween treats and Thanksgiving goodies. (Photo leftover)

Turkey leg meat
Stuffing blend
Peas and cranberry sauce
Mince pie
Pre gravy

Turkey neck ravioli
Celery tops
Cranberry sauce
Mince pie
Water pouch

Turkey organ soup
Onion casing
Cranberry sauce
Mince pie
Cup roundup

Turkey skin w/bun
Green bean
Cranberry sauce
Mince pie
Flat soda pop

Turkey carcass broth
Plate scrape salad
Cranberry sauce
Mince pie
Ginger milk

This week’s menu is sponsored by the Leftover Store. Food scraps repackaged to appear unmolested. Order your post-Christmas banquet today!


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