Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 12/3-12/7 2018

Chemistry lab
Let Dr. Flicker’s House of Repurposed Chemicals fulfill all of your holiday shopping needs. 

Creamed chipped beef on spaghetti
Geriatric peas
Spot the berry
Ice cream label
Local beverage

Romaine salad
Orange half
Oh, fudge!
Mop bucket

Pizza bar (1 slice only)
Crudo veggies
Orange half (other)
Sugar bar
Umbrella runoff

Vending machine sandwich
Froze up broccoli
Sink strainer slushie
Double punch

Last of the summer bluegill
Lima bean
Fruit-based sauce
Liquid nitrogen

This week’s menu sponsored by Dr. Flicker’s House of Repurposed Chemicals. Do you need a chemical but can’t figure out where to get it? We got it. Just stop in. But don’t tell your friends. They can’t come. 


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