Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 11/26-11/30 2018

uncle tug enterprises
Let Uncle Tug’s Black Monday savings solve your holiday shopping needs. Operators are standing by to take your call. 

Turkey flesh w/bun
Potato skins
Pie lickers
Green bean and mushroom slurpee
Party dregs

Turkey tetrazinni
Pea pod
Pie bar
Mince pie
Pie runoff

Turkey bone
Aunt Betty Crocker’s (no relation) veggie surprise
12 bananas
Twice with a sledge
Your neighbor’s cup

Turkey soup
Froze up broccoli
Fruit flavored gum
Battery acid

Turkey neck w/roll
Yam wham
Kiwi parts
Toddler fluid

This week’s menu is sponsored by Uncle Tug’s Black Monday, a subsidiary of Uncle Tug Enterprises, part of the Uncle Tug Family of stuff.

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