Bass Lake school district establishes educational revampment

Student frustration or migraine. Nobody knows for certain. (Milton Vanquish/Beacon)

By Megan LaMannakey | Future target of newsroom downsizing

Bass Lake School Board of Education has developed an educational protocol for the remainder of the 2017-18 academic year.

Among the list of priorities:

  • Assessment of annual assessments.
  • Failure-reduction technique management.
  • Evaluation-tool refinement.
  • Staff interaction (off-hours).
  • Objective reasoning session.
  • Summative goal-making workshop.
  • Learning-curve pre-analysis.

According to Bass Lake superintendent Simon Greenless, the plan is “proactive.”

“None of it means anything to me, but I trust the judgment of the board, even the people on it I don’t like,” Greenless said.

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