Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 10/29-11/2 2018

Visit Bob’s Ghoul Barn on Out-On-The-Highway Rd. Bass Lake for the best post-Halloween stuff on the planet. Well, in Bass Lake. (Pumpkins by Alicia)

Paw tips n’ onions
Mold flakes
Out-of-date dates
Gummy slug

This Little Piggie
Big Bad Broccoli
Lime gelatin w/fruit
Froze up toenail

Whinesday Happy Halloween!
Embalmed pizza
Brussels sprout
Orange ribs
Broth O’ Lantern

Side dish casserole
Feed corn
Witch-faced apple
Candy bag remnant
Anti-cavity mouthwash

Name your meat
Veggie dart board
Fruit slam
Ice cube of the week
Melted candy corn

This week’s menu sponsored by Bob’s Ghoul Barn. The ghouliest Halloween crap in Bass Lake. Prices so low they’re scary!

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