‘MusicOutSide’ festival set for weekend

By Millicent Parker | Summer intern

It won’t be quite as thrilling as this.

MusicOutSide,” a Bass Lake-area festival of music and other things, is set for Aug. 17-18 at Louis’ Pasture, 45000 County-Line Road 33-1/3.

The festival had a brief hiatus in 2017, when organizers completely forgot to plan it.

But it returns full-blast in 2018, with a slightly different format and a smaller list of performers.

Garth Jimmerschmidt, a longtime member of the festival committee, said he is ecstatic about the festival’s return.

“As ecstatic as one could be, under the circumstances,”  Jimmerschmidt said.

Many acts return to the main stage, including Local Cover Band; Local Cover Band Jr.; 15 Songs You’ve Heard 5,000 Times; Dr. Stephanie Jones, M.D., and the Riot-Grrl Flautists; and Papa “Bass”Elliot.

Tribute-act stage headliners: Emerson, Joe Frank and Young; Korn-Bizkit.

At the Performance Art Tent, 9-year-old chalk-art phenom Betsy Glinger returns, following her astounding demonstration in 2016. Also on the docket: Vryce Tatum (BLHS class of ’16), comic-heckler.

New additions this year include a family-friendly roped-off area that features a bake sale and farmers market, plus fun for all ages, especially children, who are encouraged to attend, planners said. In fact, every school-aged child who attends with an adult parent or guardian can get a backpack full of school supplies at no cost (other than cost of the show ticket). (Children who attend with a guardian under age 18 are out of luck.)

A variety of food vendors are available at the site, unless you prefer to eat a little something before you go.

Ticket information is available at the festival website, said co-planner Greg “Funky” Gregory, owner of Funky’s on the Bayou.

“No phone calls,” Gregory said. “I mean it. Don’t bother me.”

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