Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 5/7-5/11 2018


Bluegills are hitting earwigs, according to Johnny Wen of Beijing Bait and Tackle. Pick up your supply today! (Photo courtesy Beijing Bait and Tackle)

Trumpburger platter
Frenched Fries
Nut berry
Butter cake
Oil and water

Mini-giant squid
Shaved carrot
Loney pear
Chocolate fungus
Coffee ring

Rat salad on toast
Cheese slice
Blueberry wedge
Pit sweat pouch

Crimeny stew
Brain slaw
Artisanal fruit
(Input dessert here)
Sluice juice

Break room casserole
Brocolli floret
Applie bo pie
Fetal icies

This week’s menu sponsored by Beijing Bait and Tackle. It’s time to fish!


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