Residents alerted to flushing, celebration

The first annual Chug and Flush event celebrates beer and fire safety and coincides with annual hydrant flushing activities. (Photo by Brad’s Keg and Beverage)

By Steph Reports|Staff reporter

It’s that time of year again when water pressure around Bass Lake drops momentarily and safety is potentially improved immeasurably.

The annual flushing of the hydrants happens as close to noon as possible on Monday, May 14.

While past flushings were met with little fanfare, this year some Bass Lake residents have taken it upon themselves to turn the event into a party of sorts.

The owner of local beer outlet has teamed with a Town of Bass Lake employee to sponsor the first-ever Chug and Flush extravaganza to promote hydrant safety and responsible beer use.

“Drinking beer and flushing just go together,” said John Flagmore, owner of Brad’s Keg and Beverage. “And before you jump up and try to nail me with some fake news gotcha question, I know that hydrant flushing is different from the kind of flushing generally associated with pounding brews.”

Bass Lake Utilities and Garbage Collection worker Thor Hydrantal is Flagmore’s partner in the endeavor.

“Seems natural to me,” Hydrantal said. “And since I’m the one doing the flushing, I figured I’d help John out.”

The Chug and Flush party will take place under a tent near Hydrant 1, at the corner of Oak and Acorn Streets in Bass Lake’s West/South/Center district.

The event begins at 11:45 am and will continue until the hydrant flushing has concluded.

“Flushing is an important cog in the wheel of hydrant safety,” Hydrantal said. “And since tap water will be largely unavailable during the flushing period, might as well chug a few brewskis.”

Those wishing to attend the Flushing of the Hydrants are asked to bring a beer to pass and plausible identification.


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