Briefs-in-brief: Roundup of local news and events

By Max Fontaine | Considers this assignment “busy work”

Have you seen me? (LawnCam)

Roundup of current news from the Bass Lake Beacon area.

Townwide brush pick-up: Less than 13 months after a harrowing utility workers strike, 2018’s spring yard-waste collection has gone smoothly, said spokesperson Ricky Ampersand. “Lots of sticks, some leaves, a dead rodent or two,” Ampersand said. “Otherwise, nothing out of the ordinary.”

Mower missing: Local resident James McClure VI alerted Bass Lake Authority Police about the glaring absence of a lawn mower, previously located in his garage. “It was there last October, but it ain’t there now,” McClure said. “Put 2 and 2 together and do the math.” The mower is blue-and-white in color, authorities said, but may have been repainted since the theft occurred. BLAP Chief Gwen “Tug” McNabb said he personally is investigating the matter. “It’s a fine machine,” McNabb said. “Cuts like a dream. It’d be a shame if somebody stole it.”

BLHS spring musical: Bass Lake High School thespians will present the spring musical “Burr” May 4-5 at the school’s lunchroomatorium. The play is written and directed by Jan Flug, whose credits include “Lawrence of Michiana” and “A Mid-Winter’s Daydream.” The musical is based on the life of Aaron Burr, as if portrayed by Raymond Burr, Flug said. Musical numbers encompass a wide swath of genres, such as country-western and classic rock.











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