‘Police at Sunday School’ merges faith, public safety

By One of Our Correspondents

Following a blueprint from the popular “Courtroom in the Classroom” initiative, which brings real-life legal cases to students for educational purposes, a new local program has launched, called “Police at Sunday School.”

Goals of the program include instilling values of faith, community involvement, appreciation for public safety and steering clear of mind-altering chemicals.

The inaugural session was held Oct. 8 at Regional Church of The Devout, northwest of Bass Lake.

Featured presenter was Tug McNabb, previously embattled-then-reinstated chief of Bass Lake Authority Police.

McNabb spoke briefly, but frankly, to youngsters at the event.

“Kids, don’t ever try drugs,” he said. “And if you do — and you probably will — don’t ever try it again. If you do it again — and you might — there’ll be hell to pay. Thank you.”

After the session, several children were interviewed, and most reacted positively.

“Today was more fun than just drawing pictures of Jesus, like we do most Sunday mornings,” said 7-year-old Dimmesdale DeJesus.

A youth minister at the church, Shauna (Last Name Withheld), said she has no issues with the PASS program, but believes it may be redundant with the public schooling experience.

“A buncha this overlaps with our curriculum at Bass Lake Elementary,” said Shauna, a sixth-grader. “Especially in English class, where we’re required to read books like ‘If You Don’t Behave, The Lord Will Arrest You.'”

Nobody else was available for comment.



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