Egg-gathering/’Ham-Walk’ set for this weekend

By Tuesdee Fridee | Special holiday-story consultant

So cute, is it not? (Stanley Izzitnot/Beacon)

Change is in store for Bass Lake’s annual “Egg-Gathering/Ham Walk,” which begins at 1:45 p.m. Saturday at Newlee-Tydald Park.

Some things will remain the same, or at least similar to the same. Prizes are awarded for most eggs found, in several age categories: pre-5’s, young-juniors and 7-11, just to name a few, among others.

The popular spring event is overseen by Bass Lake Sidewalk Merchants and various community organizations, including Lakeside Agnostic Church.

Due to budget limits, a notable revision has been made, said co-organizer Jennifer Sparkle.

“This year, it’s bring-your-own-eggs,” Sparkle said. “We regret the inconvenience, but we can’t foot the bill for everything. Paying somebody to portray Santa Claus for an afternoon pretty much drained the funding.”

Contributed eggs do not have to be dyed or decorated to qualify, officials said, and will be returned to contestants at the conclusion of the challenge, provided damage is minimal.

In addition (by subtraction), the “ham walk” portion of the contest has been shelved.

“Nobody ever seems to hang around for that part,” Sparkle said.

Even so, “Ham Walk” was retained as part of the official festival title, said executive contributor Violet Pantone.

“Never, ever mess with tradition,” he said. “Ever.”

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