Pancake event goes green

green pancake

By Jackson Frolic|Breakfast foods beat

As happens every seven years or so the yearly Pancake Extravaganza falls on St. Patrick’s Day this year.

To commemorate the collusion, event organizers have decided to go green this year.

“We’re using green food coloring to color everything green”, said Flip, “Flap” Jack. “Green batter, green syrup, green milk, green pigs. It’s our way of giving back to the Irish.”

Now in its 104th or 105th year, the breakfast has drawn an increasing number of hungry flapjackers each year. Jack expects a similar increase this year.

“Everyone loves green food,” said Jack. “Plus it’s just fun.”

Sugarbush Farms, which hosts the yearly hotcake hoedown, has brought in 45 55-gallon drums of green food coloring. And they expect to use it all.

“We’re just going to shoot it into the trees directly,” said Jenny Sugarbush. “We tried it out on the hogs and it works great. We’ve had green bacon for several weeks now. The only problem is telling the good bacon from the spoiled bacon.”

Sugarbush doubts anyone will care if their sausage is rotten.

“It still tastes good,” she said.

The event begins at 10 am today and lasts as longs as there are no injuries.



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