Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 3/12-3/16 2018


The Bass Lake Mime-Shakespeare League still has plenty of seats available for our summer season. Please request tickets by mail or in person. (BLMSL photo)

Watermelon burger w/straw
Bag O’ Cow Feed
Watermelon rind
Tower of ice
Flop juice

Coon chop
Dried oregano
Curried flavor
Banana melt
Golf cart leftover

Spaghetti & rice cakes
Toast w/season
Grape fiber
Iced cream

Conspiracy sausage
Caesar salad
Senate fruits
Knife-in-the-back pie
Betrayal pouch

Found eel strips
Bat cabbage
Dingle berry
Salty dog

This week’s menu is sponsored by The Bass Lake Mime-Shakespeare League. Bringing the Bard to you every third Tuesday that begins with a “T.”


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