Elegant Living: Tips for adding Zest to your life

Springtime offers many opportunities to zest up your life! (R. Tiller and Son.)

By Marty and Laurel Princeworth|Beacon Food & Lifestyle Contributors

  • Host an “In Like a Lamb” party to welcome new neighbors. Feed them March-based food items such as green beer and tacos.
  • Spring cleaning is a fun way to freshen your life. Squeeze fresh lemon juice on your floor coverings to give them that eyes-wide-open appeal.
  • Throw away every book you haven’t read in the past 10 years. Old books harbor molds, mildews and disgusting ideas.
  • Throw open every window in your home as soon as the temperature climbs above 40. The brisk air will remind you of colder days.
  • Plan a garden. Even if you don’t actually follow through with planting it, the mere thought of fresh fruits and vegetables sprouting on your patch will bring a smile to your face.

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