Minor fire thwarted at Bass Lake Inn-Convenience

By Kelton Jarshler | We hadn’t heard of him until today, either

Caption unavailable.

A minor kitchen fire at Bass Lake Inn-Convenience was squelched early today by crew members from Bass Lake Fire and Emergency Institute.

A 911 call came in round just-about 7:30 a.m., during the inn’s breakfast-preparation period. Firefighters brought the situation under control less than 19 minutes later.

Afterward, Clem Brickston, proprietor at Bass Lake Inn-Convenience, described the incident.

“Something went horribly wrong with one of our frying pans,” Brickston said. “But it’s all behind us now. We’ve put it on the backburner.”

Two omelets were destroyed in the blaze.

It was the first fire call for the institute in almost two months, continuing the trend of a largely flame-free 2017.

“That’s what really extinguishes it from most other years,” said associate fire chief Vance Global. “I chalk it up to a reduced decrease in lack of carelessness.”

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