Bass Lake Town Council agenda: Whoomp, here it is!

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For Oct. 30, 2017

Counter-clockwise from lower right: Tape; tacks; spectacles; other.

I. Call to order, by Sergeant-at-Arms

II. Call to arms, by Bobby’s Rules of Order

III. Old Business (see unapproved minutes from previous meeting)

IV. (Vacated)

V. New Business
A. Poem: “The Ease of Easements,” Emory Cross, co-supervisor, town property-access department.
B. ES-335 B-52 Agreement/Proposal, subsection (X).
C. 3-P.O.
D. Final decision on pending issues (in alphabetical order).

VI. Pumpkin-carving costume contest

VII. Words You Can Never Say on Television

VIII. Community complaint/council rebuttal

IX. Intermission

X. Adjournment

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