Bass Lake Elemenary Lunch Menu 5/22-5/26 2017


Microwave peas
No longer a Mystery Machine of the Future, microwaves have become common in tens of homes in Michiana. (Photo courtesy Michiana Microwave Mavens)

Microwave soy burger w/wrapper
French fries, also microwave(d)
Brownie fingers
Milk (goat)

Hot dog lasagna
Brocolli garlic toast
Italian cube
White grape juice w/red coloring

Free-range bluegill
Repurposed carrot
Macaroni & bananas
Water blend

Ketchup toasties
Mashed peas
Hat fruit
Bank sucker
Glyphosate pouch

Chemtrail w/bun
Postcard potato
Rebate blueberry
Church social gelatin
Milk (whole or half)

This week’s menu sponsored by Michiana Microwave Mavens. Giving normal food strange texture since 1973.  Now in several area public schools.

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